We are able to transform any dog into a beauty


Darla's Dog Wash was opened in 1996 and was named after Darla, a dog of the store's owner at the time. Darla was a playful and friendly pit bull, and so it is her sweet face that appears on our logo. The picture was taken when Darla was looking at an ice cream cone - and the camera captured her hopeful look! Darla's spirit and blessing continues to live on with us. Because of our beloved Darla, we consider our store a pit bull-friendly place.


Just last year, Tatiana adopted 2 dogs from the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Aggie and Bella are such amazing dogs, and Tatiana feels blessed to share her life with them. If you are looking to open your home to a pet, please ADOPT and support the work these organizations do to rescue these wonderful companions!

Darla's Dog Wash opened its doors to the public on February 14th, 1996. It's sweet to think that our first day in business was the day of love! Back then the store only offered self-service facilities. In June of that year, Tatiana stepped in and started to offer professional grooming.Tatiana's dedication, lifelong unconditional love for animals, ten years of experience, and competence in the ways of business led to tremendous growth, and the store is now a beloved spot for pets and their owners. Some clients have been with us for so many years that we have seen their puppies grow, age, and pass; then new puppies come and those too, age, and pass -- and in this way we continue to be a part of these people's and animals' lives. We know that we only have a limited time to spend with our furry friends, so we want to make the best of every moment we have with them. We are a community that continues to support each other in our love for animals.In Tatiana's opinion, the most important quality of a pet groomer is love. Together with patience, experience, and artistry, Tatiana is able to transform any dog into a beauty. Our other groomers also possess these qualities, and so it is no surprise that we have been in business for almost 20 years. Come and see it for yourself!