Self- service prices

* The Original Wash – Includes Tub, blow-dryer, apron, brushes, combs one bottle of shampoo two towels


Small 10-20lbs--------------------------------------------------------------$15

Med 21-45lbs ---------------------------------------------------------------$17

Large 45-55lbs------------------------------------------------------------- $19

XLarge 0ver 55lbs-------------------------------------------------------- $21


*Darla’s Deluxe Wash --------------------------------------------------$25

Includes same as above plus unlimited shampoos, conditioners, towels




Shampoo-----------------------------------------------------------------------$3 per bottle

One bottle of conditioner ----------------------------------------------$3 per bottle

Flea dip-------------------------------------------------------------------------$5 per bottle  

Nail clipping --------------------------------- S--$10   M--$12   L--$15

Glands expressing any size dogs -----------------------------------$7

Professional Service Prices


Full grooming typically begins at $28 for small, short-haired breeds (ie. Chihuahua) and can range up to $80 for long-coated, large breeds such as standard poodles. Unfortunately, without seeing your pet size, coat type, breed, etc. it is very difficult to give you an exact estimate over the phone. However, we can give approximate prices. Only when you bring in your pet will we be able to tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost.




Please call for details.   323-664-0622